Week 36(890)
Season 26 (23/24)
Champion Lewy

Current Injuries

The table below contains all the current LIVE injuries. The text in RED is the predicted Recovery date or Matches missed. If the player has recovered then the end date, days and matches is the actual missed through injury. LOANS WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE TO BE MADE BETWEEN 1800 ON TUESDAY AND 1759 ON FRIDAY

If one of your players is injured the DOOR symbol will be shown. If you click this you will be taken to the Loan Portal. If your player is not listed as injured check the MEDICAL REPORTS PENDING list below

Medical Reports Pending

If you believe one of your players is injured, and they are not listed on either list, please raise a Medical Report using the tool on the right of the page. Medical Reports will usually be actioned within 24 hours.
Mason Holgate
  Injury Injury Status Start Date End Date Days Matches Condition
Other Injury Medical Report Pending N/A N/A 0 0 Pending
Comments Medical Report Lodged by Jonny

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